VIZRT Project Management

Nina Burch - Creative Producer

I am fortunate to have spent the last 7 years working for 21st Century FOX. Working in the same department, Production, but in varying rolls has allowed me to market myself as a production expert. I started my career at Fox Sports as a Graphics Coordinator, working my way to Associate Project Manager in just over three years before transferring to our Chicago office to help establish their graphics system. Below is a brief  synopsis of the Creative Services department followed by examples of the services we offer to clients.

VIZRT Project Management

Fox Sports Creative Services is a centralized resource for all production groups within the Fox Sports Media Group. Our responsibilities include all on-air branding and graphic design. The department supports more than 6,000 events yearly including all studio and remote productions for Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, all Fox Sports Regional Networks, Yes Network, and the Big Ten Network.

Located in Los Angeles and Charlotte, our department consists of Software Engineers and Technicians, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, and Graphic Producers.

Our mission is to create network level design that ensures our clients remain on brand while also supporting them in any projects relating to branding or live production graphics.

In August of 2013, a network was born. FS1, a 24-hour network, features live college basketball, college football, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, soccer, UFC, and studio-based programming. My department was responsible for developing sport-specific graphic packages for live events and studio programming as well as for developing branding for the network. Available in 90 million homes, the graphics we produce continue to increase network visibility.